Helpful Tips

Job Search Tips

We have created a list of short helpful tips to assist you in your job search. Don’t get discouraged. The process may take longer than you expect. This list can easily be used as a checklist when you are in the process of looking for a job:

  • Be organized.
  • Set goals.
  • Have an open mind.
  • Network, network, network.
  • Let your contacts know you are looking (if possible).
  • Research what you think you are looking for to ensure you are searching for the correct openings.
  • Research possible industries in which you are interested in working.
  • Get yourself noticed (in a positive way).
  • Utilize social media.
  • Follow up after applying (and be polite).
  • Volunteer to make connections.
  • Make sure your voicemail is professional (and remove any ringback tones).
  • Locate references who are individuals of influence who can best help you land your next position.
  • Always be aware of how you are acting — you never know who is watching.
  • Don’t wait. It is never too early to begin looking if you know the need is coming.
  • Have a “dream job”, it gives you something to work towards and a place to begin.
  • Professional dress is recommended.
  • Be polite/professional at all times.
  • Communicate effectively.
  • Develop a firm handshake and maintain eye contact.
  • Display confidence, enthusiasm, and the ability to think & speak on your feet under pressure.

Cover Letter Tips

Put only three paragraphs on one page: introduction, skills/qualifications, and ASKING for the interview in the last paragraph.
Keep each paragraph to just three or four punchy, well-written sentences. Make it "easy on the eyes."
Allow your text to breathe by including plenty of white space. This means big margins, and double spacing between paragraphs, and one and a half spaces between lines.
Create bullets and numbered lists to help readers scan quickly.
Use bolding occasionally to emphasize important points, and to increase readability. Don't use too much––just a few important lines throughout to break things up a little.
Proofread your cover letter and correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation. This is an obvious one, but if it's not handled, it can ruin any chance you have of landing the interview.
Double check your contact information, and don't forget to hand sign the letter. Nothing is more embarrassing (and deal-breaking) than getting your own phone number or address wrong.